OUR Church

Our Church building is open for services and our services are also available on YouTube.  You are very welcome to use our Church Yard as an area for prayer and meditation see Church Yard Prayer Stations for more information.

Our Parish Church has become one of 15 Pilgrimage churches in the Diocese of Oxford as part of an initiative to encourage pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to a sacred site and the Pilgrimage churches were chosen for their outstanding spiritual and artistic heritage.  Please see our section Pilgrimage Church for more information.

VISITOR LEAFLETS: We have a variety of leaflets that you can download or they are available when you visit the church.

New window showing the baptism of King Cynegils of Wessex by St Birinus. Birinus, Cynegils, Oswald and two onlookers are seen by a spring on a hill top, a great vale stretching away.  Cynegils has put

Baptism of King Cynegils by Saint Birinus

Thomas Denny, 2013.

The King of Wessex’s baptism is witnessed by King Oswald of Northumbria and two of the daughters of Cyngils. The baptism established Christianity in the Thames Valley and may have taken place at Easthampstead in 635.