House Groups

 House Group






Faith Book 

 Monday 1st & 3rd of each month



A friendly, informal house group based around Bible study, prayer and social time.  We generally use the Youth Bible as the basis of our learning/discussions. 

Karen Biggs via email or phone 01344 429640

 Group of Friends

Wednesday 2nd & 4th of each month (except  August) 



We meet to review the previous Sunday's Bible readings and enjoy a cup of tea together.  The clergy bring Communion on alternate months. 

Please contact The Parish Office

 Pines Men's Group

Wednesday 3rd of each month 



 A men's group that starts with some liquid refreshments and then a study either on CD or DVD.  This is followed by a meal during which time we address some of the issues raised in the study material.  We end with prayer.

 Brian Gennery via email 

Pines Ladies Fellowship 

Thursday 1st & 3rd of each month



We are a women's group.  We have used a variety of study material including a York course called 'Glimpses of God-Hope for today's world' which stimulated some interesting discussions amongst our group.

Hazel Gennery via email 

Progressive Christians 

Tuesday 3rd of each month



We meet to discuss our Christian beliefs and doubts.  The discussions are open-minded, good humoured, fun and helped along by a few refreshments. The group has tackled various controversial subjects in a caring way which has helped group members to develop and grow. 

Maureen Beadsley  via email or 01344 425205


Monday 1st of each month 



We spend time in prayer and in contemplation of the scriptures, discovering what they mean to us in our everyday life. 

Please contact The Parish Office

Thursday Group 

Thursday fortnightly 



We welcome all who are wanting to grow in fellowship and faith. We meet for coffee and chat and then study the Bible and pray together.  We enjoy each other's company with the aim of supporting each other in our walk with Christ. 

Patricia Brooker via email or 07758 335318