Joining Us

One way of expressing your desire to belong to the church is by joining the Electoral Roll. You are able to do this if you live in the parish or if you are a regular worshipper with us.  The form for applying for membership will be issued after an interview with a member of the Clergy.  Please visit or call the Parish Office to arrange an appointment.

Joining the Electoral Roll is important if you are wanting a child or children to attend the local Church of England Schools (St Michael's Easthampstead and Ranelagh) as this is one of the criteria that they look at. If you are a regular worshipper it would be a shame if your children are not able to get into a church school so do this as a matter of urgency.

The church is dependent on the regular giving of its members, if you join the Electoral Roll we hope you will support our life and Mission.  See below for ways to do this.


The life and mission of the church is dependent upon the giving of the people who worship there. It costs more than £2000 a week to run the church and all that goes on from this place. All this money has to come from the regular, sacrificial (yes it does hurt!) giving of those who are offering themselves to God in worship.

How much should I give?

This is a question that you have to answer for yourself depending upon your circumstances. The Church of England's recommendation is that it should be 5% to the life of the church. That sounds, and is, a lot but faith is something that demands all us. People's circumstances vary but certainly just giving the loose change in our pocket is not enough. Prayerful, careful thought will lead you to decide how much you should give.

How can I give?

We now use the Parish Giving Scheme this is an easy payment scheme via direct debit. If you pay tax the Gift Aid is also calculated and sent automatically which saves time and effort for our treasurer!  If you'd like to make a one-off donation to our Church you can now donate on-line via PayPal, using a credit/debit card or PayPal account. Thank you.