Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council is the governing body of a parish church. It has legal status as a corporate body and is also a charity, registered with the Charity Commissioners.  

The PCC is a team made up of members of clergy and lay members of the church.  Together they are responsible for the overall wellbeing, practical as well as spiritual, of their church, the church members, and the church buildings.  The PCC also has a duty to promote the mission of the church within the wider community.


The members of Easthampstead PCC and areas of responsibility are:-

Rev Guy Cole               Chair        (until 10th October 2021)

Rev Carol Dunk

Lee Townsend            Churchwarden;  Health & Safety

Judy Collyer                Churchwarden;  Safeguarding;  Data Protection

Maureen Beadsley    Vice-Chair

Chris Boutle

Diane Collins              Electoral Roll Officer

Brian Gennery            Church@the Pines

Nick Roworth              St Francis & St Clare

Chris Fellows               PCC Secretary

Grant Mobbs

Jane Simpson

Oliver Sommer         Treasurer

Jaime Whitfield

Andrew Wyard 

This parish will enter a period of vacancy on 11th October 2021.  The PCC will continue to meet to carry out the business of the parish and also to represent the parishioners during the process of appointing a new Rector.  Meetings will be chaired by the Vice-Chair.

Our usual practice is for the PCC to meet 6 times a year, and for a Standing Committee of clergy, wardens, lay chair, treasurer and secretary to meet in the intervening periods.


Please do contact any member of the PCC to discuss parish matters.