Quiet Time, Quiet Space

Visit. Experience. Discover.

This is an ancient historic and spiritual site to which all are welcomed.

It has a great sense of peace in the middle of our busy town and our busy lives.

Please feel free to visit, experience and discover the peace and quiet for yourself.

Quiet Space in Church

Sunlit pew and kneeling padsYou are welcome to find space, peace and quiet in the building.

The sunlight throws the colours of the windows on the walls and floors.

There are great contrast of light and shadow.

Gold mosaic glints in the half light.

Above all there is a sense of peace.

Sit and be still. Sense and feel.

In the Resurrection Chapel there are prayer beads which you can place in a bowl of water.

On the table at the back of the church there is a place to leave prayer requests.

Quiet Space in the Churchyard

This is an oasis of natural calm and peace at the centre of our community.

It is home to many wild animals and plants. Some of the trees are over 1000 years old.A view of church yard between trees

In summer much of the churchyard is left to grow naturally to bring the country into the heart of the town.

The sound of birds and rustling grass. The smell of plants and scent of flowers.

Find your own quiet corner. Look and listen. Sit and reflect. Seek and find.

You are welcome to walk around the churchyard.

Please be aware of uneven surfaces and hidden trip hazards.

Quiet Space in Prayer

The Eucharists at 7.00pm on a Tuesday and 8am on a Sunday have a quiet and meditative feel.

Quiet Space in ourselves

I recommit myself to this present moment with God.

I allow my body to become still releasing all tension.

I listen to the sounds around me, 

and become aware of the stillness that encompasses everything.

In the silence 

I open my heart to God.