Who's Who?

Our Clergy

Fr Guy Cole, Rector

Fr Guy Cole

The Rectory, 

Crowthorne Road, 


RG12 7ER

Tel/Fax 01344 423253 or email Fr Guy

Revd Emily Davis - Associate Priest

Rev'd Emily Davis
Associate Priest

Phone: 01344 36030
E-mail: jennettsparkpriest@gmail.com

Our Parish Administrator

Helen Edwards - Parish Administrator

    Helen Edwards
    Parish Administrator

    Phone 01344 425205
    E-mail: office@stmichaelseasthampstead.org.uk

Our Churchwardens

The office of Church Warden dates back to the 14th Century, when the church in England was still under the Roman See. The Wardens were, and still are, the chief liaison persons between the parish and the Incumbent, and the chief administrative assistants of the parish.

Chris Boutle and Lee Townsend our Church Wardens

Our church wardens are:- 

Chris Boutle: email Chris

Lee Townsend: email Lee 07855 752646

Our Safeguarding Officer

Judy Collyer
E-mail: yoursafeguarding@gmail.com
or contact via the Parish Office.

Our Youth and Families Outreach Leader

 Pascal will soon be joining us as our new Youth and Families Outreach Leader.

Pascal"Hello, I am Pascal Ngoga and I’m really excited to soon be joining you as your new Youth
and Families Worker. I’m originally from Rwanda, I was born and grew up in Democratic
Republic of Congo and went to Rwanda in 1996. I am married to Bakayuhi Ngoga known as
Toto, and we’re expecting a baby in the very near future. I love helping young people build
and keep their faith in God because they’re the leaders of tomorrow. My favourite sports are
football, running and swimming. I like listening to gospel music and audio bible. I look
forward to meeting you all soon when I’m sure we can get to know each other better."