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"Our vision is to be a welcoming community that worships God, serves others and makes new disciples"


The present story


“Friendliness, inclusion and a warm welcome to all”

(Church member)



  • We are a welcoming community that worships God, serves other and makes new disciples.
  • We want to be an inclusive church which is at the heart of the community where everyone feels welcome and which they would like to be part of.
  • We want to be a progressive church, providing a range of worship opportunities for everyone which complements out sacramental tradition.


Developing opportunities for Children & Young People

We want to be a church for everyone, engaging them to participate in services and wider activities. Their experience of church should be of a safe, welcoming and caring environment which inspires them to go into the world following Christ’s example.

We want to be a church for everyone, with children and young people participating in services and getting involved in running the church.


“My children love coming to church”

(Church member)

Growing In Faith

We want to be a lively, spirit-filled church, providing a diverse range of services and courses for all interests. We will build on our historic experience of what works to shape and amplify our range of worship offering. We will seek to maintain our existing congregations whilst also growing a broader diverse following.

We will work to create something new and better, developing dynamic new approaches in our pathways of discipleship, and through our own growth as Christians we look to develop new congregations.


“A traditional church that makes changes”

(Church member)


Integration of the church with our communities

We seek opportunities to build relationships and support our community. We will maintain and improve our buildings and facilities to enhance their value for the benefit of all.

We want to be a church which in its facilities and its people is an asset to the community. We seek opportunities to engage with the community and support those in need.


“The local community is strong, valuing and including every person, but the church provides a feeling of truly belonging to something bigger.”

(Local councillor)


If you would like to make the story of the Church in Easthampstead part of your own, then please do get in touch with us.

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