"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength, and Love your neighbor as yourself."

(Mark 12:30–31)


Christians believe that love is at the heart of God’s will for our lives – love for God and love for others. Loving God and loving neighbour belong together, and the best, most fruitful life is lived in loving to God and other people. We have various social groups, faith development groups and some action groups.



Faith Development

Through our preaching, and teaching you can discover more about the Christian faith. You can access our services via the YouTube link on the top right of the page, and you can access more about Faith Development from the Menu. This lives up to the mark of mission that calls us to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom, and to teach, baptise and nurture new believers.

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Care and Support

One way we live out our faith is through the care and support we provide. This lives up to the mark of mission that calls us to respond to human need by loving service. You can access more about how we provide Care and Support from the Menu.

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We believe that responding to the climate crisis is an essential part of our responsibility to safeguard God's creation and achieve a just world. So we do what we can as a Church. This lives up to the mark of mission that calls us to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.


We love our churchyard!

In recognition of the wildlife interest, the churchyard was entered into the Living Churchyards and Cemeteries Project in 2002 and received an Award in 2004. Work undertaken as part of the entry into the project has included monitoring wildlife, erecting bat and bird boxes and planting wildflowers. Despite its busy urban setting, the churchyard is a haven for wildlife. Over a hundred plant species are found here, including many traditionally found in churchyards, for example germander speedwell (Angel's eyes), snowdrops (Eve's tears) and greater stitchwort (Easter bell). The tombstones support lichens and mosses. Insects use the crevices present in many of the stones for shelter, and the stag beetle, an increasingly threatened insect which is listed on the Borough's Biodiversity Action Plan, has been spotted here. The oldest living organism in the churchyard is a veteran yew tree near the south gate. Its girth exceeds 13 feet and in February its male cones release drifts of pollen into the wind.

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We love our church!

Our care for creation as an integral part of loving our neighbours and following God faithfully. We are completing actions to demonstate our care for God's earth in different areas of our life and work. Through the A Rocha project titled Eco Church we have been awarded a Bronze award for attaining the required standard in each of the areas covered by the Eco Survey that apply to your church.

We continue this work with hope of attaining a silver award.

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